Model D-5

The D-5 combines professional quality and affordability in a continuous cable drum machine for cleaning 3” - 10” diameter lines up to 100 ft. and runs 3/4" dia. Tri-Max cable.
The High density polyethylene drum and belt guard will not rust or dent. Three sealed heavy-duty ball bearings support the drum and a thick wall guide tube extends wear. Powered by a heavy-duty 1/2 H.P. capacitor-type motor to provide more torque. The power feed and drum can be quickly removed. Loading wheel is built into the handle.

Tri-Max 3-element cable is the toughest cable in the industry. Available ONLY from Electric Eel.
Available in 5/8" and 3/4" diameter, the Tri-Max cable consists of certified, galvanized aircraft wire inner core, a protective plastic sheath to guard against rust and corrosion, and a tough, long-lasting outer layer of stress-relieved music-type wire for longer life. All Electric Eel cables are stress-relieved through a special heat treating process. Electric Eel cables are available in a variety of diameters and lengths and can be adapted to most major brands of drain cleaning equipment.

"I've used this tool at work in an industrial setting to unclog drains plugged tight with all kinds of material (rags, paper, rocks, wood chips, etc.), talk about power! It works it's way through the worst stuff. It coils itself back up too. Very good piece of equipment." -- Michigan Industrial Professional